Svetlio, the naked pug

23 August 2013 | Adopted, Blog

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All inclusive: his skin dry as paper, his eyes – closed with rheum, with a progressed mange infection… Tiny Svetlio is just a little pug who was dumped ill outside in Svetovrachane. Despite his horrible look, Svetlio is a true pug on the inside – kind, friendly, playful, lovable, huggable, charming, kind and friendly to every living soul!

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We think he must be about 4 years old, perhaps a little more. You see him ugly and hairless now, but we can give you a scout’s word that you will not be able to recognize him in a month or two. Svetlio is ill with demodicosis – it looks scary, but it’s a completely curable illness – we already have quite an improvement and he is getting sweeter every single day!

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Svetlio hopes to greet his real friends at the shelter soon. If there is no brave folk to want him in this bad shape (this is a very hard to transmit disease, it only affects organisms with a weak immunity), then he will wait until his hair grows back. But we hope his huge load of charm provides him with the family he deserves. He really is a wonderful little dog!

23 August 2013 | Adopted, Blog

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