It was just before Christmas (2012) when Tinta jumped out infront of a colleagues’ car trying to get their attention, be ran over, or both. The short-haired lady was cold as eyes, caughing like a heavy smoker and trying to lick the face of every homo sapiens in reach, leaving discusting puss pflegms – she had nearly died of a very heavy bronchitus.

tinta4 tinta5

Tinta spent a very long time on heavy medications. There were moments when our doctors would doubt their diagnosis, she was looking ike she has no intention of getting better. But as the spring returned, so did her health, the antibiotics finally did their job and the enthusiastic blaze proved to us that we were tong in thinking there couldn’t be a more energetic dog than the ill Tinta. There is! It is the healthy Tinta.

tinta1 tinta3

Tinta is now doing her ground-ground rocket missions in her own lovely house with a yard at Pavlovo district!!! She has a nice new name – Bonffs, and a whole bunch of lovely people to kiss as often as she likes (that makes it – as often as she can)! We wish them health and prosperity and many happy years together, they are lovely people!


24 August 2013 | Blog

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