We’ve known and worked with many wonderful veterinarians – people, whose profecionalism and responsibility are something Bulgaria can be proud of. We’ve been to many clinics and we owe a lot to many specialists. But among all the doctors whose kindness and dedication have saved our animals, there is one that we can say with a light heart – we adore. That is d-r Vladislav Zlatinov from the Central Veterinary Clinic – a man who can be called a magician, not a vet. Winnie will tell you why:

3-y.o.-female-3 3-y.o.-female-5

The good girl lived in a Sofia neighborhood. According to the people who cared for her she was hit by a car intentionally, in the face. Winnie (You can get an idea of her character – her name comes from Winnie the Pooh) ran, wandered for a few days with the pain and when the infection finally took all of her strength, the maggots came…

As she arrived we were certain she is one for euthanasia. Just to be sure and not sinfully take her life away on a guess, we took her to the CVC for x-rays. There, we were astounded to learn that besides the horrifying flesh wounds on her face and the problems she has on her legs, Winnie only has a broken jaw and might just make a recovery from this horrible nightmare if she was operated by a true specialist.

Only 10 days after D-r Zlatinov performed a sergery on her, Winnie was looking like this:

DSCN8068 DSCN8089

A month and a half later she is a totally different dog:

DSCN8673 DSCN9000

Winnie is an angel in a little black body. Smart, calm, kind, gentle, and now very beautiful as well, she remains win the shelter waiting for her people to come by. We beleive that after the medical miracle D-r Vladi, the magician, performed on her, he will also bring her a dose of luck to help her go home after so much hardship…

DSCN8677 DSCN9000 DSCN9001

Winnie is about 2 years old, healthy, neutered, vaccinated, perfect with people and other animals, medium-sized angel.



22 August 2013 | Adopted, Blog

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