Dear friends, as you know – our contract at the Bogrov shelter ends this year.

We began working on this issue from the spring of last year, and have gone through an unbelievable amount of options. Starting at the idea to contract the municipality for a plot of land and build our own shelter on it (we had already made the architectural plan before the procedure was stopped by the municipal council on complaints by the regional mayor); going through the idea of contracting a run-down building from the municipality that we can renovate for our work (where we either had to work with a tiny number of dogs or keep them in unsuitable conditions); and getting to the wild notion that just a few months before the deadline, we must look for a suitable place to purchase for the work of ARSofia (here, as you can imagine – the big problem is money…)

The prolonging is due to the fact that we had to face crazy situations at every single step we made in the process – including having to file reports for an intentional delay of our papers at the Sofia city court… There have been obstructions at EVERY single step to be made, at EVERY single institution. But this is not new to us – in three and a half years we have already learnt that this is the Bulgarian reality and we just have to keep moving no matter what.

In order to not complicate the already difficult situation even further – we need to seriously reduce the number of dogs that we have living permanently in the shelter. As you know – august is vacation time for most of our European partners, rehoming trips are scarce, but in the same time the influx remains the same. Again, we are put in the situation to have to refuse admittance to a large number of angry people.

We understand the tension and worry of all the people who are trying to find a solution for their animals, but we cannot be miracle-makers. One single shelter cannot help all the dogs out there. It is very difficult and nerve-racking both to us and to the people who seek help from us.

We kindly ask you to understand that we have a duty to the dogs we have already admitted to the shelter and cannot compromise their health and safety by endlessly stuffing new animals in, without being certain of the future we can provide for them.

We are not the kind of people who wait for everything to go from bad to worse and scream “our 500 dogs have nowhere to go!” So we must take precautions and we believe that anyone who has made the effort to understand the situation will agree with us. What is more – we do have a huge amount of animals that need us just as much.

We continue to work as hard as we can, to rehome and help as many animals as possible. But who will be there to help them tomorrow if we fail to provide for the future of this organization today?

Thank you for your kindness and support!

P.S. Don’t be afraid – the ones who want to work will work. And we are ones who want to work and will continue to do so, no matter what. For that – we must thank you – the people that make this organization what it is – a citizen’s, non-governmental organization. Made by people, financed by people and ran by people.

However much we feel like saying “damn you, bloody government, it is your work we are doing, give us that bloody place to work” – we know that after all, the key to everything we manage to achieve is that we are not a part of the government machine. Do not worry – it might be hard, it might be hard as hell, but things will work out. Because the decision, after all, is not up to the government, it is up to us. It is us who are that civil society everyone in Bulgaria is crying crocodile tears over. We prove it every single day, and will continue to prove it in the future.


16 August 2013 | News

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