Max the husky went home

27 July 2013 | Blog

There was a point when we thought Bogrov might turn into a husky shelter – we had 14 huskies and twice as many husky-mix dogs that were going nowhere. Bought as good-looking accesories, these dogs had become a handful for their owners and discarded outside as useless trash. Unfortunately, people get caught in the looks of the husky and never make the effort to read what it is to own a Northern dog before they get their new puppy. We are very happy to let you know that with Max leaving, we only have Rex and Kristo left to go from the Northern bunch you are familliar with.

Max is a good looking male husky found in the Borisova garden in Sofia. He only spent one and a half months with us until he was noticed by the Ivanovi family who immediately loved him!

max6 max7


The whole family came to the shelter a few times, took Max for walks, got to know him well and made the right decision! Max now lives in their house with a yard and has his own enclosure to make sure he doesn’t get any free-roaming ideas while his people are away at work!

max5 Макс

Max is so lucky to have been welcomed into this family! He will have all the walks and attention he needs, and he too loved them from the first time they met! Here is a short letter we got from his new “sister”:

we are very happy together and are constantly out walking and playing. I’ve sent you photos of the things he does in a day – walking, resting, sleeping. He eats quite a lot, but it must be because he gets very tired from all the excersizes.
Best regards from me and Max!!!

max1 max2 max3


27 July 2013 | Blog

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