Siggi came into our lives after a kind woman posted a picture of a damaged cat paw on our wall, asking for help for a stray cat that has begun to limp. Some miracle must have worked for her – there was a space available and so, proudly and limping Mrs Siggi came into our hearts to our great delight.

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It turned out Siggi had no broken bones, nor wounds – an unknown accident cost her a piece of her tail and left her front leg neurologically damaged. With the help of D-r Zlatinov at the Central Vet Clinic she acquired her first personal belonging – a magnificently thought of and made up splint to help her control the movements in her useless paw.

Unfortunately – the damages were too big to heal, and Siggi, who was quite pregnant already, was operated by the kind doctor. We neutered and amputated her front leg at the same time to spare her the stress of two hard procedures and she came back to her foster home in a brilliant mood that didn’t go away all the time she was with us, and as we later found out – continued on!

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So, after she recovered from the surgery and became a fluffy, chubby, purring tripod Mrs Siggi’s wait for love in her own home began. She didn’t have to wait long – our kind colleagues in Austria chose to help her and with a great dissatisfaction Siggi left us on her road to happiness. She was so silly to hate her time in the travel-box! Just two hours after our colleagues published her photos and story a call came in from some wonderful people “Hi, we just saw our cat on your webpage! We want to adopt Siggi.” Two days later our soft tripod was already in the hands of her lovely new family!

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This is what Siggi’s new best friend Nathalie Nüchter wrote to us:

I’m very happy to tell you that Siggi is a great girl loving her new home. She loves to sleep in our bed and spend time with us watching TV. She does demand the largest part of sofa but that’s totally fine with us. Her eyes are now full of joy and a little bit of chraziness! She is totally into being with us and spending time with her people. Every time we leave her for a couple of hours we come back to find her waiting at the door like a little dog – happy to see us. She is acutally a lot like a dog, she loves licking fingers cheeks and noses! Every morning she waits in front of the bathroom door for me to open and let her in. We are already totally in love with her!

21 July 2013 | Adopted, Blog

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