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In the country where guide-dogs are altogether denied entry to public buildings and transport it is no surprise that the Municipal councils in the largest sea-side cities have voted a prohibition to walk dogs on the beach.

It is just as un-surprising that we, the people who love dogs, do not want to spend our vacations without them (what kind of vacation would that be!) and find ways to enjoy Bulgaria’s sea and mountains in the company we like.

Luckily, there still are some places at our seaside where you don’t have to walk across pink sweaty bodies to get to the water and there is a way to have a great time with your dog and enjoy the nature.

Such a wonderful vacation already happened to the Ianevi family – Atanas, Yana, Michaela and their flying dogzilla – Maya, adopted from Bogrov shelter.

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You know Maya and Atanas from their great sports achievments. If you have the desire and enthusiasm to join their colorful group – you are welcome to Agility Club Bulgaria! Dog sport is not just a fun thing to do, it is also a great bonding time and great for your health.

Click HERE for a list of hotels in Bulgaria that accept guests with dogs.


Some useful tips for the people traveling with their dogs for a sea vacation:

To avoid nasty intestinal surprises in the car – don’t feed your dog if you have a long drive, or at least 6-8 hours before you get in the car. Take regular bakes and offer your dog water to drink.

At the beach – always carry fresh water with you and have it available to the dog. You can’t explain to your friend that salt water is dangerous and before you know it, the thirsty animal will be full of salty poison which will only dehydrate it more.

Don’t let your dog run around as much as it wants to – it has no clue about sun protection and you might be risking a thermal shock in the middle of nowhere. Provide a shadow and make sure it is using it as often as necessary.

Never, ever leave your dog alone in the car. No matter if it’s parked in the shade or windows are open. Just don’t.

And of course – be a responcible “parent” to your 4-legged child. Noone has to love your dog, especially if their mouths are full of sand or their towels have been used as for a roll after you took your dog out of the water. Control your dog, it’s your responsibility.

23 July 2013 | Blog, Library

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