We admitted this kind lady after receiving a distress call for her – people were shocked to see her fallen-out vagina and wanted “this dog removed from children’s sight immediately”! It took a few angry, but useless people until we finally got a call from someone who was serious about it and would hold on to the dog for a while, so Kremi managed to go and pick her up from the street.


The dog turned out to be no mutt, nor Labrador, as people had described her, but a skinny pitbull, about 3 years old. She was neutered in the municipal center Seslavci, but must have gotten some infection and her vagina fell through. When they let her out in the street, she somehow managed to beg for scraps and feed her mad appetite after the starvation. We took her to the clinic for treatment and started her on a non-invasive therapy, because we didn’t want to cut her in her poor condition.


So, while we were treating her, Izzy most accidentally met one of our fosters – Ana. She had to travel on business quite a few time, so she couldn’t foster Izzy, but she made sure to come often enough and make her happy.


On the day of her arrival from her last out of country trip for this summer, Ana came to the shelter straight after she landed and with a suitcase in one hand and a new best friend in the other, she adopted Izzy and took her straight home.



22 July 2013 | Blog

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