We want to share a letter with you. It comes from Veronica Tzankova who came to the shelter for the first time last week. She came with her boyfriend to visit Little Mook – the puppy whose legs were cut off with shearing scissors:


A few days ago we were your guests at the shelter, we came to visit Little Mook. My boyfriend was really reluctant to go because I usually have a very hard time when we go to shelters and get traumatized.

To my great surprise the shelter was excellent. It looks much better than many dog hotels. I don’t know how you’ve achieved this, but it’s maintained very well. A European one. And all the dogs are happy.

I want to thank you for your kindness. We have no car and came by public transport. One of the girls came to meet us there and brought us to the shelter and back. We really appreciate it.

To my great surprise the puppy, little Mook was so happy about the food, it could melt your heart. Waving his tail around and looking at you with his big brown eyes, it was hard for me to leave. I hope the blankets I left will be useful.

We will be back in two weeks with another couple. We were told there are many people who come during the weekend.

I want to thank you with all my heart for everything you do for the dogs. I also have a handicap dog and know how hard it is to help a disabled animal. And how everyone looks at you strange and asks why you don’t put it to sleep.

I sincerely hope and promise to help financially when I finally find work.

You are wonderful people! Work of this kind requires a big heart! I wish you more volunteers and most of all – kind sponsors.

– – – – – –

We aren’t sharing these lines with you to brag.

We share them as an act of gratitude and respect to the people who donate for Animal Rescue Sofia whose devotion allows the very existence of this shelter.


16 June 2013 | Blog

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