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We are often skeptical about experts from western countries when it comes to solving our stray-dog problems, because we are aware how different our realities are, but also the people’s mentalities, pet-ownership traditions and etc. But in the case of Steve Goward we have a person with a huge professional experience and one that has been built in countries all over the world. Including places that make Bulgaria’s problems look ridiculous.

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The seminar was of real value – it is impressive to see people who can deliver a new point of view to hard-core dog-people such as ourselves and our colleagues with no pretense, but in the same time with a deep understanding.

We thank all our colleagues who joined us with a real enthusiasm and a great mood! We did have a hard time in the summer heat and managed to demonstrate the famous Bulgarian non-punctuality, but Steve and Ally showed full understanding – after all, we were all there for the dogs.

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We are happy and proud with the success of this meeting, we are very happy to have worked with colleagues who know the importance of being up to date with the latest in dog ethology. To our regret, as usual, most of the municipal representatives showed little interest. But we are very happy to see more and more people willing to work professionally and with a profound knowledge in dogs.

Our warmest appreciation to Steve, Ally and Dogs Trust for this wonderful opportunity. We can say with a satisfaction that we have been putting our new knowledge to work already. We wish our old and new friends from the Seminar great success and many rescued dogs!

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Dear animal welfare workers,
We kindly invite you to take part in a Dogs Trust International course on Dog Behaviour.

Held over four days the course will include many activities which then you can put to use in your own daily work with dogs, making it easier to handle dogs, assess and correct their behavior.

The seminar is specifically aimed at animal welfare workers who deal with dogs in distress on a daily basis – shelter workers, veterinary personnel, CNVR assistants, and other professional animal rescue workers.

This will be the perfect opportunity to meet other proffecionals and share your knowledge. Delegates travelling long distances from Sofia will be provided with accommodation for the duration of the workshop.

The seminar is divided in two segments:

  • Theoretical part (July 16 and 17): Do’s and Dont’s of positive reinforcement – the Dogs Trust experience. Takes place in the ATM Hotel conference room;
  • Practical part (July 18 and 19): Working with dogs in the field. Takes place in the Bogrov shelter, hosted by Animal Rescue Sofia.

Please note that the course will be held in English and does not include a translator.
The seminar and trainings will be kindly hosted by Animal Rescue Sofia.

Dogs Trust


Dogs Trust is UK’s largest dog welfare charity. Formerly known as the National Canine Defense League, the organization was founded in 1891.

The charity rehabilitates and finds new homes for dogs which have been abandoned or given up by their owners. It also runs microchipping and neutering schemes in the United Kingdom and abroad, in order to reduce the number of unwanted litters of puppies and stray dogs put to sleep by other organizations.

Dogs Trust has 18 rehoming centers across the UK, and its first International rehoming center opened in November 2009 in Dublin. The organization has a brilliant rehoming record of over 16 000 dogs per year.

The Dogs Trust are known for their slogans: “A Dog is for Life, not just for Christmas” and “Dogs Trust Never Put a Healthy Dog Down”.



Steve Goward (Animal behaviourist)

Steve works as the Deputy Head of Canine Behaviour & Training at Dog’s Trust. His career started as a canine carer at the DT Shrewsbury centre 10 years ago. Steve continues to study canine behaviour in order to help dogs that are struggling to cope, both in the kennel environment and once they go to new homes.

Steve enjoys sharing his expertise on subjects including stereotypical behaviours, learning sets, dog aggression & learning theory. He has led training workshops for a number of Dogs Trust’s partner organisations overseas and spoken at the International Companion Animal Welfare Conference, as well as seminars for the Scottish Association of Pet Dog Trainers and the National Dog Technical Support Group.

Previous experience

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This is the second Dogs Trust Educational Seminar to take place in Sofia. In September 2011 Animal Rescue Sofia hosted a Dogs Trust International Training Seminar for Animal Welfare representatives with the topic of educating school children on responsible dog ownership.

During the 2 days of the seminar Dogs Trust speakers Alison Russell and Hollie Sevenoaks covered every topic on child education on animal welfare in schools and outside. The delegates also had the opportunity to see a real live lesson, hosted by the 201 “St. Cyril and Methody” elementary school.

How to apply for participation


To register for the seminar download THIS FORM, fill it in and send it to office@arsofia.com by June 19.

The training course has a capacity for 25 people. Participants will be chosen on account of the topics covered in the seminar and their daily experience with dogs.

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