Bless you, FRIENDS!
Your donations are enough to cover our debt to the medicinal supply company and make this week’s order.
Thanks to Hristo Valchev and Denitza Petrova our bill at the CVC is covered too.
We have no words to describe our grattitude, our dogs are so lucky to have you…

Dear friends,
unexpected personal problems stopped us from communicating sufficiently with you during the last few weeks. In the meantime pain, hunger and loneliness didn’t wait for us – work at the shelter continued full-speed. The silent, tortured little patients continued to seek help with us and it was not denied to them.

Now we must ask you for urgent help – we have uncovered obligations both to the medicinal market where we buy drugs for the clinic, and to the kind doctors at the CVC. These unpaid bills prevent us from helping anyone else at this point – we simply cannot…

Could you help solve this problem? Even the smallest of donations matter in this situation. We would be able to order the medicines we need for the animals already on treatments and continue to use the services at CVC, where we take the dogs our clinic cannot help.

We know it is easy to think “well, this one has already received treatment, I will donate for a dog that has nothing yet”. Buy happiness doesn’t automatically start when a dog goes through the shelter doors – every dog requires time and money. Every day the clinic treats dogs that would otherwise have no chance of health, care or love.

The animals you see listed here are just the half of those we have on stationary treatment in the clinic. There are four times as many being treated in their cages. The ones who just pass through the shelter for neutering and get surgeries and treatments before they are released back outside you don’t even hear of. Your help is for all of them…

Granny Rott

DSCN7366 DSCN7368

Granny is about 8-9 years old. She came from the street where she was abandoned with huge mammary tumors. She is a lively and lovely friend, must have been in a great pain from the tumors as she woke up from her anesthetic in the happiest mood possible, wagging her but like a little puppy.


He was found covered in blood in front of the National Library. We are very grateful to Anrieta (Olive’s adopter) who found him and took him to the CVC knowing that we couldn’t afford his operation.

DSCN8114 DSCN8116

Cyril is about 3 years old and is one of the sweetest dogs we ever met – he now lives with a gang of babies – he is an absolute sweetheart. Cyril was very lucky – God must have spared him, he didn’t have really serious trauma from the car-accident. He has wounds on all his legs and the only really serious problem was an open joint on his front paw. Now he has daily medications and change of bandages and we hope we can treat him to his full recovery.

The Mangy Bunch

These are small doggies with mange we got from different areas in the city.

DSCN8166 DSCN8171

Someone was already treating Pippi’s skin condition in the street, but since she is 2kg of size we thought it is too risky and kept her in the shelter after neutering her.

The little boy just showed up one day in a neighborhood, desperately trying to get into the living block doors – looking for his home, probably… He is about 2-3 years old.

DSCN8136 DSCN8141

We had many request for mangy animals this month, but unfortunately are out of space – we can’t just pile them up somewhere in a corner. So, we decided that at least these little ones would be easier to “keep in stock” as they are small and easy-going.

DSCN7536 DSCN7550

Mary has Mange as well. Besides coming incredibly dirty, matted and weak, she turned out to also have an old trauma on her leg, but for now we will not be touching it. Mary is about 4 months old and when she gets better she will turn into a lovely bear!


Your buddy Shark was neutered and received a Spa-treatment while he was sedated. His extra teeth were removed – all 5 that we couldn’t get while he was awake. And we also shaved him down a bit, giving him a lion trim, because his but was all matted and dirty.

DSCN7159 DSCN7160 DSC03099

Do you remember what a sad thing he was? His crooked legs are long gone – all he needed is some good food and plenty of space to straighten up!


The 3-legged baby

The 3-legged baby is about 4 months old and still hasn’t a name. Besides the missing leg she also suffered from a very large wound on her side. She was found by a person who regularly brings homeless dogs for neutering to our center.

DSCN7801 DSCN7812

Winnie ATTENTION: Graphic images!

The most terrible case we had in this passed month was definitely the case of Winnie. We could also say she is one of the worst-looking dogs we have ever admitted.

The good girl lived in a Sofia neighborhood. According to the people who cared for her she was hit by a car intentionally, in the face. Winnie (You can get an idea of her character – her name comes from Winnie the Pooh) ran, wandered for a few days with the pain and when the infection finally took all of her strength, the maggots came…

3 y.o. female (3) 3 y.o. female (5)

As she arrived we were certain she is one for euthanasia. Just to be sure and not sinfully take her life away on a guess, we took her to the CVC for x-rays. There, we were astounded to find out that besides the horrifying flesh wounds on her face and the problems she has on her legs, Winnie only has a broken jaw and might just make a recovery from this horrible nightmare…

You will probably find it hard to believe, but this is the same dog 10 days later:

DSCN8068 DSCN8089

Dear friends, Winnie is an angel in a little black body. She has been through hell and did her best to hold on to life. Now, there is a risk we may not even be able to finish her treatment – we have kept an antibiotic just for her, but it will be gone in 2 days…

They need your help

Please, if you have even the smallest opportunity – help. There are so many of us who care – if each of us would contribute a small amount – there would be no problem.

You can DONATE via PayPal, ePay and by bank.

You can also leave donations for the ARS bill directly at the CVC counter.



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