Bruce comes to the shelter

Bruce is diagnosed with discal hernia

skelet diskova hernia

He was found by our volunteers – seeking for food around the garbage bins, thin as a skeleton, mistrustful, dirty and limping. After they asked around they found out the dog had an owner who claimed he had no money to feed the animal. After a while he called them back – to pick up the dog as he can no longer care for it.

DSCN8078 DSCN8088

So, in the cold months of February Bruce entered Bogrov for the first time. Growling and hungry as a wolf. Three months later Bruce looks like a totally different animal, but his suspicious relation to people stands in the way of him finding a good home. On the photos here you see Bruce with Emo – the boy who can communicate even with the most distrustful of dogs. We are looking for an ooption to help Bruce improve his attitude.

31 May 2013 | Blog

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