As difficult as a street cat’s life can be, an animal that is born and adapted to the street environment still has a chance to survive outside for a couple of winters. But what are the odds that a spoiled pet cat would “live happily ever after” once it’s been dumped in the street? Sounds impossible. Or is it?

We say “farewell” to yet 11 homeless souls – all of them abandoned owned cats. 6 big cats and 5 silly little babies – all of them abandoned pets – have found their way into the loving hands of foster families in Austria!

We have to put Puffy first, as she is the one we are happiest and most relieved for:


She is only eleven months old, but she has spent eight of them in d-r Chrisina Shukerova’s foster home. Puffy was just a little kitten when she fell of a very high window and broke her spine. The owners brought her to the CVC for euthanasia and there – she met d-r Shukerova who couldn’t see her being put down.

Puffy will never walk again and cannot pee on her own. Nevertheless, she remains an incredibly cheerful, friendly, people-loving little lady. She was the one who was most relaxed during the journey and when she arrived – she immediately sneaked out of her cage in order to get a better position at her new people’s laps! Here is a picture of her in her foster home yesterday:

na miasto (5)

Good luck, Puffy, good luck, you sweet angel!

4-year old Siamese cat Diego was also destined for an Austrian passport! The good boy who became useless after his elderly owner became ill, will be purring in the hands of his new owners in a couple of days!

diego male 4 y o

Young lady Rotta is a curious little fighter as you can see on the first photo from her foster home:

na miasto (7) rotta female 6 m o

The little lady who has a badly injured front leg will never again be able to run or climb elegantly. But, that will not stop her from knitting a purry, soft web in which she will catch the hearts of her new owners in Austria!

The so-called “green tiger kittens” have also left us for good! The two were the last of an unwanted litter that was cared for with great effort by kind people in the neighborhood where they were dumped.

momchence momichence

friends (1) friends (2)

The good kitties quickly grew and became fat little tigers with wonderful temperaments and little chances of finding good homes in their motherland. We cross our finders and hope they find a lovely family who would want them together!

And here are the luckiest of all – a tri-colored pet mamma and 5 of her little street-born babies. Sadly, despite the many opportunities to have your cat neutered for less or even for free, unwanted pregnancy continues to be a major reason for abandoning cats in our city. Just like this lovely young lady:

mama i bebeta (2) mama i bebeta (3)

Instead of hunger, pain and desperation, this cat-family will get the best of care in their Austrian foster home. When the little ones are old enough to be vaccinated, they and their lovely mamma will go to their new permanent families!

na miasto (3) na miasto (2)

na miasto (1) na miasto (4) na miasto (6)

Our sincere gratitude to our new Austrian friends who have given a new life to so many poor critters that have only seen bad deeds from irresponsible people so far in their lives. We wish them luck and hope they never have to remember what it felt like to be lonely, hungry and abandoned, as they were in their former motherland…

29 April 2013 | Blog

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