One of the sweetest dogs of the shelter – abandoned pea-dog Mickey has gone home with her new owners Chad and Robin Thompson.

Tiny Mickey spent two months at the shelter, after we picked her up directly off the street – she was running in the middle of the road with no aim or destination. She was very hungry and thirsty, she had probably ran after a car that had dumped her on the outskirts of Sofia.


We cannot know where and how she lived. What we know for sure is that: Mickey found it hard to be the smallest of the 500 dogs at Bogrov. In the time she spent with us, the little angel had only one inquiry – people wanted her for a chained guard dog (?). Despite her attractive size – people showed no interest to her, because she is over 5 years old (as if she is 500!)…


But all that is just a distant memory for a very happy Mickey now. She is being great in her new home, plays with the children, listens to the parents and is having the time of her life. We wish the Thompsons long and happy years with this wonderful dog they saved!

24 April 2013 | Blog

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