We have told you about Herman and Moritz – two Bulgarian drathaars that made their way to Canada from the hostile streets of Sofia. Now, they inhabit a fabulous farm on the Atlantic coast with Susann, who has 12 more rescued DD and DK from all over the world – all of them – dogs with a horrid past and a wonderful future.

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Today, they are joined by little Mimi – an abandoned Drathaar who came to the shelter in hope that she was a lost dog. Unfortunately, no one looked for her and she remained caged and lonely, without losing her natural kindness and friendliness. Sadly, such kind animals can get in trouble when they are put in a large group of dogs and the bad fortune came to Mimi. She was beat up and bitten by other dogs in her cage and found herself very miserable and unhappy  at the clinic.


There, in her worst day, Mimi met Susann for the first time. Susann had just arrived at the shelter with her wonderful neighbor Ilona, who knew about our work from Susann and had set her heart on saving 2 dogs from us. Susann wasn’t supposed to take a dog home, we were all supposed to be reasonable and cold-blooded, but… the sight of Mimi all shaved and upset in the clinic broke her heart in two immediately. So, after long hours of organizing, a third dog – Mimi – was reserved on the flight back to Canada.

The two lucky ladies who got to live in Palace De Ilona are Anechka and Boggie who now boasts a new name – Georgie Girl.


Anechka came to the shelter skinny like a skeleton, with a leg that was probably cut off in a coyote or fox trap. In her first hours at the shelter she was terrified, but it only took her a couple of hours to understand we mean her no harm and she changed completely – becoming a calm and polite little dog.

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Three-legged Anechka enjoys the Canadian nature, but not as much as Georgie, who tours the island with Ilona’s third dog – Harry, a rescue boy from Greece. No, Anechka is not an athlete, she would much better enjoy her long afternoons on the couch with Ilona, quiet, gentle and so cuddly that you would think she spent her whole life in a soft bed.


Gerogie is a tiny little lady that came from the street with a whole litter of little black mice, so skinny that you would not believe it. She spends her time in learning about the great outdoors, playing with Harry and having the time of her life! She too has immediately grasped the idea of the couch straight away as if this is just a part of life, but unlike noble Anechka she is hungry for all – may it be food, walks, hugs, fun, walks… whatever – Georgie is living a second life and she knows it in her clever little head!

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The journey Susann and Ilona made to help these three was colossal – there are very few people in this world who would go through so many difficulties to help three dogs. These three dogs now must thank all the dog Gods, the Furies and the Valquria – we would certainly enjoy being in their place! Good luck little girls! It’s all up and above from now on for the three of you!

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Susann, Ilona, thank you for being you!

26 March 2013 | Blog

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