Hammer the Rottweiler is gone. The two successful operations and all the care in the world was not enough for this dear boy to get back on his feet. He had too much and despite all the good prospectives – he gave up and left us.

Your long journey has come to an end, dear boy.
Forgive us.
Forgive us for being human. Forgive us for coming into your life too late. Forgive us our human desire to make everything right, forgive this dream of seeing you happy and healthy again. Forgive us for being naïve. Forgive us for asking too much of you. Forgive us for loving you too much, forgive us for not understanding you don’t want to fight anymore. Forgive us for not letting you go. Forgive us for letting you go too…

IMG_2739 IMG_2741

Farewell, dear boy… We will see you out there again, somewhere just under the rainbow. And then you will be our dog again. You will wave your whole but happy to see us again, in the place where there is no end and no beginnings, where all is Good and the dogs reunite with the people who love them. There, you will be giving us those little kisses you like so much and you will be yourself again – free of the pain, free of the fear, free of the horror. We love you, Hammer. We are happy to have known you even for a little while. We are honored to have been with you in the last days of your life. Wait for us.

24 March 2013 | Blog

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