Bryan comes from Botunetz. We also know him as the Insolent teacher, because he was brought by two teachers from the school where a car had hit him badly.

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We didn’t have the space, nor the money, nor the option to cry for help for him – he came along just in the same time as Mook. It was crazy to admit him, but the two women who brought him were so unbelievably arrogant and rude that we could not have given him back to them, as we should have had. We asked them to at least take him for x-rays, our car had just broken down for a hundredth time, but they said “they will bring him back so that the kids see him suffer”, “we are all lies and do nothing for the dogs” and other stupid s**t that you can think of.


Bryan had to wait for a long time until we found a few kind people who contacted us about Mook, but agreed to help him instead. We had managed to take him for x-rays two days later and he had come up with two very bad fractures, both needing expensive surgeries. He had a fracture to the hip on one side, and to the pelvis on the other. All this time the kind boy lived in a basket under the treatment table without any complaint or pretense, just grateful for any attention, quiet and polite.


Finally – the sun came up on his street as well – the kind giant has been operated. What is more – he is already standing and walking around and things are going do well that he will be running around on all four in no time. This is a fact that makes him extremely happy, but don’t imagine that he is some pushy enthusiast – he will never impose his emotions on you. Instead, he will wait in his part of the room while you work and when you raise your eyes to him, he will rise and wait with his tail wagging for your call and get that brief hug he lives for.


This is what a great guy Brian is! He is now all fixed,a shiny new coat – coming soon! Brian will stay with us in the shelter until we come up with some solution for him. Such kind, gentle giants rarely make it outside, as he has already proven with his car stunt. Brian is about 2 years old, very kind and friendly, absolutely irresistible, only a little camera shy. Brian awaits his new friends at the Bogrov shelter!

One more time – we thank all the donors whose generosity saves innocent lives every day! The Bogrov shelter counts on donations only – your support really matters – without it, we will not be able to help good dogs like our Arrogant Teacher – Brian.

18 March 2013 | Blog, Bogrov Dogs

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