Shark’s case

16 March 2013 | Adopted, Blog

Shark is 5 months old. He is probably a puppy of a Bulgarian Shepherd dog. And he is as big as (perhaps it would be more correct to say he is as little) as a large cat. Shark looks a little bizarre, but that is not surprising, as everything about Shark’s case is bizarre.

shark navan2 shark navan


We first heard of him when some concerned people saw him and wrote to us. He had sprung out of nowhere in their area. Unfortunately, they cut off contact with us when they realized we would need their help as well. After that – we found him ourselves one day – he just crossed the road infront of the bus when we were coming back from the CVC one day with a bunch of ill doggies.

Shark is an impossibly weak boy – something you can’t see under his fluffy coat. His absolutely unbelievable front paws are bent at an 90 degrees angle and his hind legs are just as impossibly crooked. He has been deprived of food for many, many long months to get this bad.

DSCN5423 DSCN5435

The other strange thing about Shark is his bite – the boy came with 2 rows of crooked teeth. His puppy teeth hadn’t come out and the new ones were growing in a tangled web around them – that is where he gets his name from, the good boy.

It is amazing what dogs can learn to cope with, remaining just as kind. This sweet boy is absolutely friendly, lively, full of curiosity and love to give. Now he has to wait at the Bogrov shelter for a person who wants to receive this love!



16 March 2013 | Adopted, Blog

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