16 March 2013 | Adopted

Tray is an amazing, sweet dog that we have had ever since he was a little baby. He came in a vegetable tray with his siblings, all different in their looks – Meteora who had a problem with one of her eyes and the sweet Blue who was recently adopted.

Tray-2  Tray Tray (4)

Since he is such a sweetheart – kind, playful, delicate and gentle we offered him for rehoming in Holland. People there liked him and he was supposed to travel this week. But when the time came for a final examination… Why is Tray limping all of a sudden!?

Tray (2) Tray (3) Tray (1)

Sadly, when we had him x-rayed it turned out he has a very complicated bone fracture that needs immediate assistance. We can only guess how it happened. He must have been playing vigorously and hit himself, or perhaps jumped and fell on the concrete floor… In any case, the fracture goes through the bone and up to the joint. It was a very complicated fracture. And just like that Tray’s life turn out completely different – he was operated, his bone didn’t grow back, his front leg had to be amputated.

Tray-1 Tray (5) Tray (6)

Today Tray is on three legs but he hasn’t changed at all. He is still as loving, sweet and adoring people boy. He greets every person who approaches his pen, gives away tons of kisses and enjoys every caress he can get. He plays with his buddies in the pen – Chocho is his best friend, and awaits his happy ending. Once he missed hi chance for adoption when his leg got bad. Now he has a second chance to be loved and to find his piece of heaven on earth – a loving home all for himself. Born 3.4.2012, neutered and vaccinated.

Whatch how Tray plays in the next video:

And here he is with his best friend Chocho:

16 March 2013 | Adopted

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