A month ago we helped Sancho write you a letter – asking you to send some donations for the purchase of Ivermectine – a very important medication that not only helps us treat the dogs with skin-disease, but we also use it to prevent the spread of Heartworm amongst the dogs.

Strahil and Sancho

strahil suncho

Today, a month later, thanks to your kind help, Sancho and Strahil are being treated. Along with quite a few other sad dogs from the streets of Sofia:



(read more about him here)



(you probably know him already)


краставец от враждебна (3)

This poor soul is from Vrazhdebna district – he was obviously someone’s dog, a wonderful, wonderful boy. He can’t get enough sleep, he must be the one who is happiest about his treatment. He is also the one whose condition is worst – his skin breaks at touch, bleeding puss. Besides the medications he is taking, he also eats a stronger food and is being washed daily with a special shampoo. He will become gorgeous when he is healed.

краставец от враждебна (1)



12 godishen ot manastirski

A 12-year old boy from Manastirski livadi district, absolutely terrified of people, he has yet to learn that not all people are bad. He is not a mean dog – he doesn’t bite or growl, he just feels horrible when we are around and panics when we have to touch him – he must have suffered greatly from a human hand.


krastavichka ot hristo botev (2) NA GODINA krastavichka ot hristo botev (1)

She is a quiet little girl that lived near a school in Christo Botev district, where owned dogs were often set on her – the wound on her leg is from a bite. She also has demodex mange and it is a matter of time before she is poisoned.

Thank you

These dogs are alive and healing thanks to your generosity!

If you would like to make their lives easier and their treatments shorter – you could come see them and bring some food and presents – they will be very grateful! They need strong food and skin supplements, vitamins, medical shampoos.

12 March 2013 | Blog

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