ЕDIT 30.09.2013

Little Mook is now a loved family pet with Tom in CANADA!!!

mook home1


He even has his own little website CLICK HERE TO SEE IT!

EDIT 27.03.13 

We have made casts for Little Mook’s prosthetics.

ruse mook (4)

We thank ORTHOVET MEDICAL for making the prosthetics pro bono!

EDIT 05.03.13 

Special regards to the wonderful people at BIOMET who saved the day and helped us cover some unexpected medical bills for Mook!


This is not the first time BIOMET comes to the rescue of the dogs in need. Click here to see them donating food to the shelter.

EDIT 03.03.13 


EDIT 01.03.13,  12:20 p.m.

See video of little Mook at the Central Vet Clinic, an interview with d-r Ranko Georgiev and a talk in the studio with our lovely Kremi Ivanova >>> HERE
Scroll to 1:44 (just after the 5-th dot on the scroll-line)

EDIT 28.02.13, 20:10 p.m.

Little Mook is well, he is now back home at the Bogrov shelter where a long recovery awaits him.
If you want to make him happy – you are welcome to visit the shelter with some food or treats for him.
(We work every day)

EDIT 27.02.13 20:00 p.m.

Little Mook was operated by d-r Kaloyan Voychev, they finished a short while ago. The surgery went well, the tips of his legs were prepared for prosthesis  We will take him back to the shelter tomorrow. When his wounds heal, temporary prosthesis must be made, so that he can learn to walk with them and use his legs – otherwise the muscles will become atrophic. When he grows up completely, permanent prosthesis can be made.
We will keep you informed!

EDIT, 27.02.2013, 10.00 a.m.

Little Mook sends kisses to all that didn’t pass him by!
His surgeries will take place at the Central Veterinary Clinic today.
Cross your fingers for him, he has a long way to go… but he is lucky to be walking next to you!

After the horrible case of Mima, the dog from Dryanovo, whose legs were chopped-off with an axe, the Animal Wellfare community in Bulgaria managed to finally get through to the deaf Government and changes were made to the Penalty Code, making it a crime to torture animals.

Today, three years later, we see no change – the monstrosities and violence to animals continue on a daily basis in our motherland. The “Animal Police” we were promised was just a clap-trap for us. And the Police got the duty to protect animals as well – something they are neither prepared, nor willing to do.

Today we approach you with a plea.
We will introduce you to the faith of Little Mook, without putting in our own thoughts. We will not consider our own feelings when we look at the kind, affectionate, mutilated in the most unthinkable way little puppy. We will not ask the painful question – what kind of a degenerate do you have to be to do such a thing to a baby… We will not. We will leave the conclusions to you. Here are the facts:

Our kind keeper Kremena lives in Doganovo village – not far from the shelter. Of course, everyone in the village knows she works “something with dogs”. So, when a car dumped a tiny dog with cut-off legs in front of the local store, the storekeeper called Kremi straight away.

A few minutes later Kremi was there. There, on the ground, crawling, whining, terrified and convulsed with pain, she met Little Mook for the first time.


Little Mook is only 7 months old. He has just changed his puppy-teeth. And if it was not for the Monster he met, he would probably be one friendly, funny puppy, full of games and mischief. Instead – Little Mook is mutilated, crippled and helpless. Forever. He has been through so much pain, and he still has so much to go through, fighting for his life. And that is if, and only “if”, there are enough people willing to support him.

Little Mook’s legs have been cut off with pruning shears. The Monster had strength enough to cut off a back leg entirely and leave a front paw hanging on a sanguinary piece of flesh. Despite this – the little angel finds the strength in him to love us, to be joyful when he sees us, to crawl toward us when he is called, to wag his tail like a banner when we reach toward him. Mook has life in him, he has love in him, he has a tiny gentle heart, ready to beat for his human till his last breath.

DSCN5492 DSCN5508

We called the police immediately. They didn’t simply put a deaf year on us, they laughed. We called again. They said they had more important things to do. We called again. They said they would come Monday or Tuesday to see the dog. We waited. No one came. We will not let Mook pay for this unlawfulness with more pain. We will not wait anymore. Tomorrow, Mook is going to the Central Veterinary Clinic.

Little Mook needs your help, dear friends!
Help him raise the 550 leva (280E) he needs at this point of his treatment.
Mook needs to undergo surgeries to remove the necrotized front paw and to shorten his hind leg bone, so that it can be covered with skin.
We hope that after his long therapy we hope to be able to help him move better with a prosthetic. To be back on his feet again, so that he can look for his happiness somewhere else, far, far from the place where pruning shears are used to cut off the legs of babies…

Mook is counting on us – the neighbors, the friends, the colleagues of the Monster that had it’s fun with Mook’s pain.
If you have any possibility – even if it is small – please, donate for Little Mook through ePay, PayPal or by bank AT THIS LINK.
Donations can also be left at the CVC, but don’t forget to mention the donations are “for the bill of Animal Rescue Sofia”.
Let us come together to lessen the evil made by… one of us.

26 February 2013 | Blog

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  1. Maria Sokolova

    Izpratih 50 evro ot men. Kakav izverg. Za sazalenie stadanieto na Mima nisto ne promeni. Milata dushichka

  2. alfina

    дано се оправи кутренцето скоро 🙁 изпратих 20лв..за момента. не съм посочвала основание за плащане в пейпал, но паричките са за това добро кутренце. А за ужаса, нямам думи, добре, че има хора като Вас… Бог да Ви пази всички и да ни помогне да продължаваме напред


    И от мен малко по пейпал за Мук
    А тоя гад дано си получи заслуженото!

  4. Hermann

    Was gibt es neues von Mook???

  5. Emma Lou

    Why are these horrors happening in Bulgaria?? What is going on there!

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