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Four lives have been put on the scales. The lives of dumped, unwanted, abandoned dogs.
On the other side of the scales – ourselves, the people who love dogs – hundreds, even thousands of us.
It would take a simple gesture to solve the problem: will these dogs get a chance, or not.

Dear friends, here they are – another set of Bogrov heroes who have no clue that their lives depend on personal commitment each of us makes. They live their innocent lives thinking their problems are solved – after all they have shelter above their heads, food in their bellies and someone to hug them when they are lonely. Sadly – things aren’t as simple as a dog’s heart. In a world ran by money a wagging tail means nothing. Or almost…


Chocho got this name, because he is brother by destiny to little Chichi (who is happy in her new Austrian home). He is just a little boy, extremely sweet and friendly, whom we found on the road with a necrotized front leg.

DSC02383 DSCN0790
Chocho when he arrived

Noone can tell what happened to him, but the facts are clear. Chocho is only 5 months old, but his faith has been set. He will walk his path in life on 3 legs. And that is – if he is lucky.

This kind, lovable, playful and fun little boy needs your help. He needs 120BGN (60E) to be released from his dead leg and have his file moved to the “ready for adoption” folder. His chances are higher now, when he is still small and sweet, but they weaken every single day as he grows and becomes just another 3-legged dog in this world.

DSCN3855 DSCN3854
Chocho after a few days at the shelter



This is what Mira looked like when we took her off the street last summer. Bold also means hated, chased away with rocks, hated and in the end doomed to be killed if she doesn’t die on her own. We started her treatment immediately and the results were not too late. Today, Mira is completely healed from her skin disease and she has become a fabulous (huge) lady.

Before we can say Mira is ready – we have to help her with her last problem: an old trauma to her leg that gives her a lot of pain. She came with it – the x-ray showed Mira’s broken him joint had been broken and healed in a wrong way, leaving her bones in friction with one another when she walks. It is a very painful condition, so she doesn’t use her leg much.

DSCN1385 DSCN1382

Whilst she was ill with demodecosis Mira could not be operated – skin illness is a sign of a failed immune system. Only today Mira is no longer the mangy, skinny dog that came to us.  She is a healthy, huge dog that really needs all 4 of it’s legs to get around. The surgery Mira needs is very simple – a resection of the hip joint. But, it would cost the shelter 180BGN (90E) that we can not spare.

Mira is a dog that would quickly find new owners – she is very good and polite, and she also became very good-looking. But, with this limp, her chances grow smaller and smaller. Her happiness depends on the raising (or not) of the funds she needs for her treatment…


The kind, the most adorable, the gentle Katya is now fully recovered. Her leg has healed perfectly, the bone is think and healthy. Now all she needs is to have the metal plate she no longer needs removed from her leg. If it remains – it will cost her discomfort for the rest of her days.

DSCN2157 DSCN4115

The operation Katya needs only costs 80BGN (40E). But, Katya is one of 500 dogs at our shelter – we cannot spare the money for her. If every person that knows this excellent dog would donate just a little for her – next week our dear lady may be flying around all fixed without a single memory of all the bad things that happened to her before she came to us…


We introduced you to Popeye when we were reporting our last visit at the Central Vet Clinic. The boy turned up with an old injury that has healed in the wrong way. The surgery he needs is very simple – a bit of cartilage needs to be scraped off, and the bone under it should be smoothened.

DSCN4140 DSCN4150

It is routine operation that would help him start using his leg again. The cost is not too high – 170BGN (85E). If it was the only thing – no problem. But, with so many animals that need help – the calculations are not so simple.

Popeye needs your help if he is ever to become a loved pet. Whatever his life was before – and we can only guess how bad it used to be – we humans owe him that much. So far this is what he has seen from us, people:

Even though he was so badly mistreated, Popeye is a lovable, kind, people-oriented dog

Dear friends,
let us come together one more time and solve the problems of these excellent dogs. Each of them would make and excellent pet, as long as we are able to get them all fixed. It is not little money that they need, but also – we are not just a few people.
Let us give them a chance of a happy life! They deserve it!

If you would like to help these good animals with something, however little it is – please, donate for them through e-pay, PayPal or via Bank AT THIS LINK.
Funds can also be dropped off directly at the front desk of the Central Vet Clinic. Please, don’t forget to say that you are donating “for the bill of Animal Rescue Sofia”.

We thank everyone who will not pass these good souls by from all our hearts!

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