Two really good dogs have left the shelter in the beginning of 2013! We can only hope that the old wive’s tale about January being prophetical for the whole year, because this means many good dogs will be finding their homes through us!

sadly (1)

Sadly is a very calm and friendly bear whom we picked up from the Business Park in Sofia about 2 years ago. He must have been someone’s yard dog – it often happens that at some point these faithful guardians are deemed useless and kicked out.

The good boy quickly got used to the shelter life – unpretentiously he became firends with everyone and was calm and gentle with anyone who came near him.

Sadly is now living his dream life in a house with a yard where he has the company of another good elderly dog who recently lost her companion. Sadly was adopted by Lachezar Brakadinski. Congratulations!

jessica (2)
Jessica is about a year old, she was left in the shelter by her owners. They said she was a mix between a doberman and a rottweiler, but we think she just had the bad luck of being born in a color Bulgarians consider “scary”.

Luckyly, this amazing mollycoddle didn’t have to wait too long. She was adopted by Violeta Andreeva and Panayot Dobrev!

This wonderful family has 2 adopted kids – Bogdan and Bojidara. Violeta and Panayot wanted their children to both have a true friend and feel the joy of adoption. Jessika immediately fell for Bobo and Dari and we are sure she will bring them the happiness and friendship they deserve!

08 January 2013 | Blog

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