If only the new year could bring a few now thoughts to our fellow countrymen:

  • Owning a dog is a responsible and time-consuming effort that requires no small amount of knowledge, patience and resources.
  • The decision to get a dog should be taken seriously and after consideration. The information about how a dog must be looked after should be read before the dog is brought home, not afterwards.
  • A dog can live for up to 10-15 years and needs daily care and efforts in order to remain well behaved, healthy and beautiful…

We have a dream. It is a dream of a day when dog abandonment will not be a daily routine for the Bulgarians, the shelters would be empty and we would import dogs for adoption from… let’s say Turkey.

A dog without an owner is like a human without  a mother – we are all to them – their leaders, their parents, their brothers, their gods even. Living without  home out in the street is hard enough. But nothing is harder than going from a warm, loving home to the cold brutality of the street.

Although… perhaps in some cases abandonment could be viewed as a favor. Such are the cases of Roro, Misty, Duda and Shy – four owned dogs that came to the shelter abandoned by their owners and who now all have their new, loving and caring families!

Kind girl Misty is a 4 y.o. Golden Retriever. She was dumped with us for a reason we couldn’t understand – all we made out of the owners explanations was that she smelled like a dog… People are people, as they say, but to leave such a good dog, because you don’t have the time to keep it clean is… sad.

misty (2)

Misty remained at the shelter for quite a while, but is now finally settled and even has her own cat. Misty is now officially the loving dog of a most wonderful family – the Spasovi! Well done!

Duda came to the shelter with her owners and was shocked to see them leave without her. To her great luck, a kind friend of ours came up to foster her, so she didn’t spend much time being cold at the shelter.


When Irina Manusheva wrote to us – we were quite surprised! She, her husband Petar Iliev and their two children had set their minds on helping an abandoned dog and opened their hearts for Duda – an 8 year old Great Dane! You  know that this huge breed has a very fragile old age, so there could be nothing better for Duda than to spend it loved and cared for in a good home. We hope the doggy gods decide to restart Duda’s countdown – since this is a new life for her. Good luck, Dudie!

Roro, the sweet black Labrador we found limping, hungry and scared has been adopted by Stoyan Stoyanov!


The funny boy has gone home where he is learning to live with the family cat and is being a good Labrador – friendly, fun and always hungry. We wish him health and happiness, and may he never again find himself alone in the streets!

There were so many people who wanted to adopt Shy the basset that it took us 2 weeks to talk and meet all of them. Many wonderful families wanted to have him, but he finally went home to Adelina Banakieva-Ivanova and her husband Vladimir!

shy (2)

The couple has a few more dogs, birds and all sorts of interesting animals that are their passion in life. The noisy and fun Shy will be very happy and spoiled in this environment, he is already feeling well and “sweeping” his new yard with his long, curious ears.

So lucky! Both the dogs – for finding such wonderful families, and the people – for finding such wonderful dogs!

07 January 2013 | Blog

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