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Only two weeks later your friend Zoran is as good as new!

The story we are about to tell you is no Christmas tale. What is more – we don’t even know if it is completely true. Because we took a side in it. For this reason we do not claim we are telling “The truth about Zoran”. We will tell you about Zoran’s truth, just as he told us, facts only…

11 december - found
The first published photo of Zoran.
CLICK HERE FOR A VIDEO we found – Zoran in the beginning of the month, wandering in a Sofia mall

Zoran is an Alaskan malamute, about 3 years old. Lost or dumped he found himself on the street. Someone found him and tried to locate his owners. Then, during a walk he loses the dog and Zoran is out in the street again. A few days later, the second man who found Zoran calls the police. He claims he is attacked by a dog and needs help fast. The policeman who went to investigate the call tells us that he found this person’s apartment covered in blood. The man had no signs of any injury. The dog ley in a pool of his own blood, helpless, pieces of cut-up skin hanging from his paws and face. The municipal catchers took Zoran to the municipal pound. That is where we got him.

18 dec seslavci
Zoran at the municipal pound

This is all dry facts. Our interpretation is of no consequence. It is a fact that no aggressive dog would allow anyone to butcher it alive without striking out. And that didn’t occur. No aggressive dog would let anyone cut off half their nose without trying to bit the hand that holds the knife. And no person in the world would assume a “defense-technique” of cutting off pieces of skin from his “attacker”. Which is exactly what happened there.

Zoran’s truth is that he is a kind boy with a wiggly tail and a crazy Northern temperament. He is also severely anemic, because he lost so much blood. Zoran loves walks, but they are a mirage for him now – his cut-up legs can’t carry him on, he can’t walk. Zoran is a curious boy who sticks his nose everywhere, but can no longer do it – half his nose is missing.

DSCN3129 DSCN3112
Zoran all stiched up and standing at our shelter yesterday

This is Zoran’s truth. And ours. But to find the truth about Zoran we have turned to a specialist. Pathologist d-r Manov has already examined Zoran and prepared an expertise for his condition. We will alarm the police and state prosecutors for this case of animal cruelty. We will wait for the court to announce what the truth will be.

Meanwhile we will fight for Zoran’s life. We will try to defeat the anemia, the infection and wounds. He needs strong food, expensive antibiotics and daily infusions. We will not beg you to donate for Zoran’s life, although we need it. It’s just not the right thing to do on X-mas.

One thing is clear – Christmas is impossible for Zoran.

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