Kalcho’s new tires

17 December 2012 | Blog

Kalcho getting his tires changed

The medium lenght of a journeys we make to Holland with our bus – Kalcho is calculated at about 4 500km. But they quickly become 6 when there are a stop or two on the way – in Germany or in Austia. Sometimes the lenght can climb as high as 7 000km for a single trip.

This means that:
a) we have a great appreciation for the work of the boys who drive our dogs to their new homes safely and quickly.
b) the bus, and mostly it’s tires – get worn out quicker than  you would imagine.

Eevery driver knows what an expense winter tires are. Especially for a bus this size.

For all those reasons we want to cordially THANK our new friends at Kristo 2!!!

The kind staff have DONATED 4 brand new winter tires for the little Ford and made a big discount for the new tires of Kalcho!!!

God bless these kind people and may all the good they do – come back to them triple!

The little Ford showing off his new tires at Kristo-2

17 December 2012 | Blog

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