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Blacky is a black boy, who simply wasn’t born in the correct geographic location, not knowing what freezing weather occurs here during some time of the year. 2 weeks ago, right when the cold weather arrived, this little black kitty almost got run

through by a car, but the perpetrators appear to be his rescuers. Freezing and dehydrated, visibly undernourished and with his eyes completely closed, Blacky was barely breathing. When taken to the vet, where he was put on a system, antibiotics, vitamins and injections in the eyes with a real danger about his life.

Destiny, however, decided to have mercy so Blacky cured from the three viruses he had and is now feeling great. He is vaccinated, dewormed, extremely endearing and loving, about 3 months old and has the great luck to live in a foster home. Unfortunately, he can’t stay there permanently, so his foster family and rescuers are hoping that good people could like him and take him home, since they don’t have this opportunity. So, if you had a Christmas wish to have a gentle creation that calmly purrs next to you keeping you company while you watch TV in your warm home, maybe its about time your wish come true. To adopt Blacky, and give him the best gift he ever dreamt of about the holidays – please contact us.

13 December 2012 | Uncategorized

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