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Dear friends,
as we informed you – we entered the new year with a lot of 200 puppies – completely ready to be adopted – social, vaccinated, neutered and sadly – unwanted in their homeland. We are doing everything in our power to send at least half of them to safe fosters and shelters this month, because we are overcrowded and the puppies are growing.

We introduce you to the lucky bunch that left Bulgaria for Holland first in the year 2016. All of them have arrived safe and sound with our colleagues – kind people who help the Bulgarian animals and who have been working with us for years now. This week the animals on this transport are going out of quarantine and the first are already choosing their new families:

02 01 03 033

So, here they are, the 34 babies and 1 mom that we all managed to rescue from the street, treat, prepare and send them on a journey to their new life. All of them – babies born to dumped mothers, or in someone’s yard to be dumped when they are reared. Joyous, full of hope, innocent and now – far from pain and hunger:

DSCN1666 P1140252

Two little sisters – the dumped babies of someone’s hunting dog. Found and fostered in Bobov dol.

1 (1) 2 (2) P1140250

Another dumped litter, two sisters and a brother. Small, fluffy, they were obviously the unwanted kids of a pet dog. They were dumped in the street and picked up by the municipal catchers. They were taken from the pound and raised in a foster family. What a lucky bunch…

Shmuggi-male (6) Zhmichko-male (2)
Mucka-female (2) Malechka-female (2) Banichka-female (2)

These five sweethearts you know! They are the babies of Amelie, the mommy with “rubber legs” that you gave a surgery to. What a way to go from Gabrovo pound to Holland!

female1 (5) female2 (2) female4 (1) male1 (3)
female3 (3) female5 (1) male2 (2)

Dumped outside under a month old, these seven dwarves didn’t stand a chance without their foster people. Now they are all new Dutch and the 8-th little dwarf was adopted in the foster family!

females (1) females (5) females (8) females (24) females (29) male-09.2015 (6)

And here is the only adult dog on this journey. Mommy Bayley, and her 6 babies. The group was dumped in the yard of a factory not far from us, so we managed to prepare them for admittance on the spot – there were no fosters available. We are so happy they got to leave us all together and no one was left behind.

3 females-23.07.2015, small size (1) 3 females-23.07.2015, small size (2) 3 females-23.07.2015, small size (3)

Three little girls – small, sweet, but shy of people. Vessy and the volunteers did all their best to get them to loosen up, but work will continue with them in their Dutch foster family.

female-6 months old male-10 months old (2)

And another lady from Bobov dol on this transport – Danka, 6 months old, such a smart and cheerful dog. Next to her – Bilbo, a social and clever guy, 10 months old, abandoned.

litter of 5 (1)-male1, 09.2015 litter of 5 (4) - female3, 09.2015 litter of 5 (5)-male2, 09.2015
litter of 5 (3) - female2, 09.2015 litter of 5 (2) - female1, 09.2015

And another dumped litter – five black pups that are lucky to be small and fluffy, it’s really not a good deal to be a black dog in a shelter. And such a wonderful bunch too, friendly and outgoing.

And finally – the smallest guy on this journey, 3-month old Hrabar, taken out of the municipal pound along with his litter of brothers (all of them are now on the road with Transport-2, thanks to you), such a small and curious boy:

male-3,5 months

Warm thanks to the foster parents, donors and volunteers for the generosity and hard work they put into saving the lives of these angels, and sending them to their new homes abroad. So far, so good, hopefully – 2 more transports to go this month.

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