We are so, so glad to know our dearest Bonnie has been adopted! We found her hit by a car on the Sofia ring-road. The recovery was long and complicated and just when we thought the lovely girl is ready for rehoming – her heartworm tests came back positive… You know the treatment is long and expensive, but in the end – everything turned out well. Last week, Bonnie finally left the shelter to join the family of Zoya and Ivan Banchevski in their Sofia apartment. The lady has settled in very well, and here is a short note from her new best friend – Zoya:

There are no words to describe what a wonderful dog the little princess is. I knew she is good, but she surpassed all my expectations. It is like she always wants to please you and does all she can to do the right thing. She is excellent on a lead, very kind and playful with the other dogs. At home she is very good, never does any mischief, got used to the hygiene routine immediately and always does her things outside. The first days she was a bit worried, all she wanted is to hug, but since yesterday she  is herself again – a playful, fun Bonnie. She trusts us completely and even got used to the elevator.
The advantage we have is that I am a freelance accountant and I work from home. But even when I leave her alone for a few hours, I find her calm and she is not whimsy at all.
Well, that’s about all from us.
We thank you from all our hearts for the wonderful creature Bonnie is!

Good luck, dear girl!

28 November 2012 | Blog

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    Yehey! Reading this kind of story really touch my heart. A responsible and loving owner really deserves for dogs and also of course to other pets.

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