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Dear friends,
thank you for not passing by Cassey’s appeal. The funds for her bill at the clinic have been raised!!!
In the next several days we will be posting information about her recovery, cross your fingers that it is a quick and easy one!

Cassey was just a little puppy, dumped somewhere in the Mladost district. A good person found her, gave her shelter, vaccinated and took care of her and when she was ready – we admitted her to the shelter. Nothing special – another little one at the shelter, another kid that has only us to depend on.

In her cage Cassey showed herself to be a fun, but unostentatious baby, calm when she should be quiet and playful when it’s time for fun. Sadly, puppies of her looks are not popular and she was moved from the puppygarten to the large dog building where she simply got lost in-between the 400 beating lonely hearts of her inmates.

Two days ago we noticed her knee is swollen and a click is heard when her knee is bent – something was definitely not right. But, we do not have an x-ray and our doctors weren’t sure what she has.  So, we loaded Cassey onto the car and brought her to the Central Veterinary Clinic where, after the x-rays, we were given a bad diagnosis.

Cassey has a growth trauma. The doctors wanted to operate her immediately and warned us that every hour is precious to her – otherwise, she may lose the mobility of her knee joint forever.

So far 40BGN (20E) for x-rays. But what about 260BGN (130E) for the surgery? You know how it is with money – we never have it. Should we bring her back to the shelter until we have collected the money for her? To make photos, publish her story and x-rays, beg for help, wait till the money is raised… That is maybe two, or even three days. And the vets were certain – she cannot wait. So, we decided – she will not wait. Cassey was operated.

And what now? Will we be able to raise the money for an operation that has already taken place? For a baby with a sad, but not a dramatic story – another one of the many, another invisible, lonely creature.

Dear friends, Cassey’s life really depended on this operation – despite the fact it was not a life-threatening trauma – if we had not operated her, it would be her chance of happiness that would have been dead by now. She would have lost the chance of leaving the shelter before she has spent all her childhood behind bars.

It cannot be that we are the only ones in the world who care about this kind soul. Would you, could you help us cover her bill?
It is a total of 300BGN (150E) that we have to pay at the CVC for Cassey’s treatment.
If you can – please, donate for her ON THIS LINK.
We thank you on behalf of an invisible pea.

26 November 2012 | Blog

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