Hip-hip, hurray for a wonderful transport we sent to Germany where 21 grown-up dogs find their loving new homes. 16 dogs from the Bogrov shelter and 5 from Seslavci will no longer be out in the cold, but are already snoring happily in their cozy new beds – warm, clean, calm and completely happy. Here they are!

Cleo! You little sweetheart, we are so happy you are no longer homeless. Cleo was literally dumped as if she was trash, together with her 3 babies. We somehow figured out a place to stay for her, as the shelter was packed as usual and she did her best to raise the babies until they became twice as big as her. After that, she was placed in the shelter office where she taught our old granny Duncan to play like a little pup. Such a friendly, kind-hearted dog, we all shed a tear for her when she left and Duncan is still grieving for her. But… there is no other way – the kind hearted dogs belong at home, with kind people, not in a shelter. Hurray for the little new German:

You know all about Amelie – she was the last of 10 babies from a litter to be rehomed, no one wanted her, because her legs were crooked. Then, she was rehomed in a wonderful family where she grew up to be a lovely dog, they named her Mia. Then, a year later, Amelie came back to us – her family was leaving Bulgaria and couldn’t take her with them. The situation was very sad – Amelie felt very sad at the shelter, her foster parents took her for a little and then brought her back… everything was going in the wrong direction. But she was not meant to suffer – she is now German and will be as loved as she deserves it!

This wonderful creature is called Charlotte and has been with us almost since her first days in the world. One morning the shelter team found her tied to the garbage container with a box of 4 puppies by her side, one of them was Charlotte. She needed quite a while to get used to us humans, but she finally overcame her fear and now, 1,5 years later she is leading her new, German life. 2 of her siblings still remain with us, we can only hope they get lucky as well.

Bon Voyage, Moritz! This poor fellow was found by us literally wandering on the highway. What kind of person do you have to be to dump your dog in such a place? And with a paralyzed leg too… And with a heartworm infection… There are few people who would shelter this poor boy, no matter how sweet and friendly he is. Thank God, Moritz has found one of those persons and is already being treated with a fantastic German doctor who will try to save his leg and will treat his parasite-infested golden heart. Moritz is probably a mix between a kurzhaar and a poodle or other longhaired breed – you can see on his horrid haircut photos that he is quite the typical huntsman. His new life awaits in a very special place in Canada, where his brother by destiny – Hermann is already waiting for him. But first, Moritz must get rid of all the benefits he has received during his “lovely” life here in Bulgaria. Good luck, kido, and never lose that spirit!

It took poor Carina 2 years of waiting in a foster home to finally be seen and liked. Two long years in which her future was as hostile and dark as her past. But we no longer have to pity her, Carina only need to learn to speak German and everything will be fine!

There were 5 dogs from the Seslavci municipal pound on this transport – Allegra, Holly, Berly, Riva and Mona. We accidentally lost Allegra’s and Hollie’s pics, but they are just as big, desperate and good as all the other dogs on this blessed transport. They were doomed, unhappy and were growing more weary every day. Dogs like them hardly ever get noticed, but these 5 were very lucky. Here they are – Berly, Riva and Mona:

Oh, Maxi… You poor, poor boy. To think that we had bet you’d be rehomed in the blink of an eye… and that was two years ago, when we published your first photo. And no one has ever asked about him – not s ingle request in two years for this lovely, beautiful, clever dog, not in two whole years… But, finally the wait is over for you, dear boy and hopefully you will bring luck to your other two brothers who still live with us, but their day will come too. Today is the day to be happy for good German Max:

Rita arrived with her sister – Flora, they were only babies back then. Dumped yard puppies, if you were wondering how they came to be. The two spent 2 years with us, poor little ladies, but the wait is over for Rita at least. Sadly – her clone, Flora, remains behind bars for now. They are two of those dogs that always greet you first at the cage door and are last to say goodbye, never a bad thought in their mind. Good luck, Ritta! We can only hope your sister follows your footsteps!

Kraimo! A very peculiar little creature. She came on foot with one of the Dutch students that volunteer with us, they live in the village nearby. She simply followed them to the shelter and then tried to get in. Pushy, friendly and very persistent, we couldn’t help, but promise her a home and here she is – a new German, what a long way to go from the village of Musatchevo…

Bluela is a funny name, but it has it’s reasons. We named her after Blue – take a look at let us know if you think they are clones, because we surely do. Blue left 6 months ago and was sent to the same partner organization. Bluela came to us brought by Ecobalance – the people of the neighborhood complained that she was “too scary”. And she is one of those dogs that simply get under your skin – she immediately became the favorite dog of the vet-team at the shelter.

Gala came to us from a nearby village. Someone had dumped her from their car and she was wandering about with a waving tail, until some other nice person decided to beat her till she is crushed. We treated her and thought to neuter and return her at first, but she is such a silly, kind heart, no chance that she would manage outside – she had no clue how to find food. So, she remained. And now the lovely lady will be happy ever after in Germany!

Arizona was brought to the shelter by her owners. She used to be the guard dog of a storage house on the ring-road, but for some reason they didn’t want her anymore. Arizona was immediately brought to the foster home by our vet d-r Stankova who is a huge fan of huge dogs and she remained there until a good place was found for her without a chain around her neck. Good luck, Arizona!

Roshko (shaggy) at first called Pleshi (bold), but after a few months of treatment things became to look very different for the boy. He was all hairless and his skin was a bloody mess – a hard thing to see, really, but that is long past behind him. He will be the pride and joy of his new German home:

Eddie came to the shelter as a tiny dumped baby over 2 years ago together with his brother, Aaron. The two were lucky to have been found a foster home and when they had their vaccines – we admitted them to the shelter.  Aaron was adopted almost right away, and poor Edie remained. Was it because he grew up so large, or because he was so shaggy, but no one ever inquired about him. People are nuts! Have they no clue that huge chests have huge hearts beating inside?

Niiick! Niikeee!!! We will be calling him in our minds when we pass by his former cage.  The sweet boy lived with us for two years after he had been found by us as a walking skeleton. He is an absolutely lovely, fun dog, but the other dogs didn’t like how loved he was. One night some months ago, Nick was attacked by his roommates and nearly died. He was so stressed out that he developed anemia and needed blood transfusion.  But that was long ago. He survived and never bore a grudge. Looking at him we can’t tell why this lovely boy hasn’t been taken by anyone – he is so lovely.

Blackie. Just like Amely she had a very hard time at the shelter. She was left by her owners and felt incredibly unhappy, refusing food and sitting in the corner. So, we hurried to find a place for her far from the noise in clean and well organized Germany. She is of course, feeling better there, no doubt soon we will be hearing of her as the happiest dog around. Good luck, sweetie!

And finally – Buba the golden girl. We saved her really in the last moment, she was getting beaten up during labor by her owner who was angry she had lain down and was not going out with the sheep.  A few dead pups were scattered around and later we found more when we neutered her on emergency the same afternoon. Poor Buba was a sad sight when she came, but recovered very quickly and became the lovely, smiling dog you see on these recent photos. Such a lovely girl, she is now safe in a place where she will be just as loved as she deserves and never be hit again!

Good luck little ones! We are happy to have known you!

The bus didn’t come back empty! Our huge thanks to Yvonne Henke for the food she sent to the puppies in our quarantine block and the puppygarten:

26 November 2012 | The Farm Newsflash

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  1. Stephanie

    Kraimo find a new home. What a good news!!! I think a lot about hem. He wa

  2. Stephanie

    Kraimo found a new home. What a good news!!! I think a lot about her. She walked a hour with us to the shelter in sofia. She was so friendly!! Hopefully she has a nice time in Germany (nearby Holland). Greetings Stephanie

  3. Sandra

    Hi, now Amelie is my own since march 2013.

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