A 2,200 kilogram tumor was removed from the mammary glands of a sweet, abandoned old dog in our clinic last week. After so many operations and animals that have passed through our clinic, we can say:
HORROR! This is the scariest tumor that has ever been treated by us.

Calm Shatzi was spotted in Vrazhdebna district – she was described as a huge dog with a huge growth. On the phone, this made us smile, but just a few hours later, when the dog arrived, smiles where nowhere to be seen. It was a scary sight.

Shatzi is about 10 years old. She must have been bought as a Caucasian shepherd, because her ears were carved to the bone of her skull.

She is one of those loyal dogs that spent their whole lives chained in a junk yard. She must have become unsightly with the tumor growing, so she was dumped.

We operated on her immediately. The removal of the tumor was combined with a neutering, so we can save the old dog an anesthetic. And inside – a surprise was waiting for us – huge cysts on the ovaries with the size of a baseball ball. In total, 3 kilograms of poisonous, foreign tissues were removed from Shatzi’s body.

Shatzi occupies a small corner in the surgery. She has been through too much already and the surgeries were too heavy for her to be put with the other dogs, she needs a lot of rest to overcome the abandonment and regain her strength.

Since she’s been with us we have found that she is a wonderful dog – not a sound, not a single mess was produced by her in this time. People don’t even see there is a huge dog in the room, before she is called outside for a walk. She needs no guidance or a lead, she just walks about slowly and then comes back to the clinic, where she lays down waiting go back to her tiny living space.

Shatzi’s problems wouldn’t have occurred at all if she was neutered on time. Early Spay/Neuter saves the dogs not only from gynecological problems, but also from mammary tumors, which are the most common and second deadliest tumors in the canine world.

23 November 2012 | Blog

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  1. Mirka

    That is so sad poor dog, what are they gonna do about it??? 🙁

  2. jesus

    i will come from the dead and save him

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