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20 November 2012 | Blog

-Hello! We have had no internet for the last two months! This is the sixth time I am calling!

-Yes, I can see. Go to an M-tel office to get this straightened out.

-I already went and they tell me to call you, already a few times.

-We can’t take your complaint on the phone, send us an e-mail.


This is how an year-long saga with M-tel begun for us. To put it shortly – we made a contract with them for our phone and internet. After the first two months the internet connection died and no effort of ours could get it back, no matter that we paid every month. After months and months of “Oh, it will be fixed next Thursday, we promise.”, they finally admitted that we are the only customer in the area and they have absolutely no intention of maintaining the 3G in the area only for us.

Well, OK. Let’s annullate our contract then. We entered a request (number 800-2012 from January the 05-th 2012). Eight months later there was still no answer!? Meanwhile we continued to pay up every single month! In August, mad and determined to finish with this once and for all, we were shocked to find that we OWE M-tel a contract-braking penalty, because it was our fault!?

Dear sirs and madams at M-tel, we have the following questions for you:

-A contract is signed for a service. That service is not provided. The client doesn’t want, but is paying for a service he is not getting. The client now owes penalties. Do you consider this normal?

-There are billboards in the whole of the city advertising free Spay/Neuter with an inexistent number.  We cannot transfer this number unless we have paid penalties on a contract that YOU did not fulfill. Do you consider this normal?

-During the time in which we have paid you for an Internet connection that never existed we had to run off to the nearest gas-station (3km away) in order to answer the tens of help requests that we get. Do you consider this normal?

-When our patience was over with, you decided we owe you penalties. Do you consider this normal?

-Right after we stopped paying you for a service YOU DO NOT PROVIDE suddenly you remembered our existence and began calling us every other day. Why were you not available when we were the ones calling every other day?

-What does you slogan “More for you” mean? Maybe you meant “More for US”?

-Do you treat all your customers this way or is it just us – a stupid small organization that cares for dogs? Yeah, we are not like you. We don’t have so much money. We are funded through donations only. Perhaps many of our donors are also your customers. We will ask them. One by one. All 20 000 of them. Let us see if they consider this normal.

So we sit here, waiting to get  your summon and since we have internet (no thanks to you), we decided to ask:

Is this a normal thing to do?

On a second thought, we don’t want your precious time wasted. You will answer us in court.

20 November 2012 | Blog

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  1. Sarah

    They are a disgusting, inept and money grabbing company. I too am threatened with court action for a period of 3-4 months when they were unable to provide me (& many thousands more customers) with bills, they said it was due to a software upgrade problem. I paid an agreed sum for that period, even though they could not give me any itemised bills… now it seems they say I still owe them for this period.. I would advise you to write to their parent company – Austria Telecom, as I did, in Bulgarian, German and English language. That seems to get some action. I now have to do it again and hope finally this will be over. Mtel GO TO HELL!!

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