A CRY FOR HELP: Katya’s leg

21 November 2012 | Blog

EDIT: 23.11.2012; 12:00 p.m.
Katya has been operated successfully.
Thank to you Tray, Brownie, Trisha and Ronny also got the x-rays they needed.

EDIT: 22.11.2012; 10:00a.m.
Dear friends, the funds for Katya’s surgery have been raised! She is going to the clinic today, we will keep you informed about her condition!

Katya stood at the bus stop and waited with her leg in the air. Her head hanging, her back – crooked, hopeless and tired, as if she was a monument of misery, she shivered as the wind blew. There were people at the bus stop as well. One of them was disgusted with her hairless, scratched-up back and kicked her away. Startled, she jumped with all her 3 legs and resumed the same broken position on the pavement. Waiting. For us.

Late for our meeting, we were having a heated discussion in the car when… “Wait, did you see this guy kicking the dog!?” “Hm… looks like it has a broken leg stop the car.” We got off and there she was – crawling up to us with her tail wagging between her legs. “Give me some food… My God, how hungry she is!” Katya was swallowing the kibble without even chewing it, shivering with her leg in the air. “Listen, we’re already late, we must hurry… And what about you, poor thing… We can’t leave you here…”

Besides the mange, Katya also has an old, calcified trauma on her front leg, it brings her a lot of pain. The other thing she has is a sweet temperament – she is one of those friendly, caring animals that simply walk right into your heart. But that is all she has got, no roof over her head, no person to care for her painful, itching body.

At least that is how she was until yesterday, because this morning the sun seems to shine brighter on her horizon and the wind doesn’t seem to be so cold with a friendly arm on your shoulder. Her leg might hurt, her mange might itch, but it is a whole other life when you have a  friendly arm on your shoulder.

But what will become of her health? Adios, mange – we have already started her treatment and it will be successful in a couple of months. However, the news about the leg is bad. The old trauma has to be re-broken to heal properly, as it has grown back in the most painful way.

Of course – there is a catch. And that is, as always, money. The cost to rescue her poor leg would be 320BGN (160E). To the shelter that means 300 kilos of food; 8 neutered females; a month’s supply of de-wormer; 1/7 of a transport abroad, etc… Simply put – these are money we don’t have.

Katya has no other option, but to ask you for help: make a small donation so she can live without pain. She promises to be the best girl, she already is the best girl…

Can you spare a little? If only 32 of us send her 10BGN we would have solved this little girl’s life drama. If you would like to see her run, happy and care-free, please, DONATE FOR HERE HERE – through PayPal, e-pay or by bank. We thank everyone who wouldn’t walk past her, just as we couldn’t…

21 November 2012 | Blog

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