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09 November 2012 | Blog

Flavio Bayrashovski and Elena Stoilova adopted our sweet huskies Lara and Dante!!!

It’s amazing, but it’s true – the four of them live happily ever after in a Sofia appartment and have no problems with the dogs.

Lara now bears the lovely name Beatrice. She was found on the street, but noone looked for her. Dante on the other hand was brought by the municipal catchers – Ecobalance, he was in a horrible state – very weak and and helpless.

Flavio and Elena came to the shelter as volunteers. They had fallen in love with Ricky – a dog that was lost 3 years ago and we miraculously brought home. After many hour of dog-walking and thought, they decided to free Dante and Beatrice.

We are so glad!!! We hope they are very happy together!


09 November 2012 | Blog

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  1. Елена

    Познавам Елена Стоилова, баща й, майка й, сестра й – прекрасни хора, много добри и много отговорни. Ели и хъскито да бъдат много щастливи!

  2. Neli

    Два големи кучака наведнъж.Това си е повече от супер.Браво.

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