Baby Max

08 November 2012 | Adopted

Baby Max was found when he was about 20 days old, nestled next to the road on the pavement of a lively boulevard in Sofia’s neighbourhood Ovcha Kupel. Good people found him and did not pass him by which saved his life. Poor soul was barely breathing, had a serious case of anemia discovered during the checkup, the fleas had literally drunk him up. So many fleas on such a small body.

All this however is in the past. Maxy became stronger, grew up and it is about time he finds a home. He has 2 vaccines; a third would follow in a month, regularly dewormed. From the beginning Baby Max lives together with dogs and cats, but most of all he loves stuffing into people’s feet and arms, so he can get a hug, caress and attention.


A happy and energetic pup, curious, playful and fearless as every happy puppy. He already walks on a leash! He is looking for the home, where he would find love, at least half the size he has to give. If you would like to adopt Baby Max, please contact us!

08 November 2012 | Adopted

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