Mimi’s sad story has touched the hearts of hundreds of thousands of people in Bulgaria and arround the world. A huge campaign to incriminate animal abuse is in action – many NGO’s are working together to change the Penalty code.

Sweet Mimi is now loved and cared for properly . She is under medical control, has been through a lot of check ups. Accordng to the vets Mimi could have prosthetic limbs on the 2 of her legs and on the other 2 she can use a wheelchair. So there is now a good chance that Mima will be able to walk again soon! There is a campaign for raising donations for Mimi’s surgeries, prothesis and wheelchair. See a new video of Mimi.


Give your support to Mima by sending a photo of her name in writing for the creative CAMPAIGN AGAINST VIOLENCE.

Animal Rescue Sofia supports the City For People association in their ongoing efforts to incriminate animal abuse:

04 April 2010 | News

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