Actually we know way more than 9 reasons to get a dog – we have about 500 gorgeous reason at the Bogrov shelter. Of course, when we say “get a dog” we mean adopt one. There are way too many homeless animals and every adopted one is a life saved.

Our friends from DogTrust have 9 reasons, more connected to your health, to get a dog.

  1. Dog owners make fewer visits to their doctors
  2. Owning a dog can help reduce stress and anxiety
  3. Owning a dog can help reduce blood pressure – a number of studies have shown that pet owners have better cardiac parameters including blood pressure and cholesterol, compared to people without animals. Also, people who have had a heart attack, who have pets live longer than those without through the same experience, but no dog.
  4. Owners who walk their dogs are healthier than non-dog owners – they always have company to workout with during the weekend. A dog is always ready for a walk, run, bike ride or throwing frisbee in the park. And even if you don’t want to work out, you still have to walk your dog.
  5. Dogs can help the development of children with autism and children with learning difficulties – research shows that dogs lower the levels of stress in kids with autism and help them develop their communication skills.
  6. Owning a dog can boost your immune system – recent researches show that kids of families with dogs are less likely to suffer of eczema.
  7. Dog owners are likely to recover quicker from heart attacks.
  8. Dogs can help safeguard against depression
  9. Trained dogs can detect a variety of health conditions – including epileptic fits, cancerous tumours and hypoglycaemia (low blood glucose)

22 October 2012 | Library

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