River went home!

18 October 2012 | Blog

The ad for River – the golden puppy got the incredible 40 people wanting to adopt him. It almost became a problem! Our personal phones were ringing “Hey, I haven’t heard form you in a while! Can you help me adopt a pup from your shelter?” Also some people tried to bribe us: “I will donate generously if you let me have him.” Then, people who were not approved threatened us with the police, the court, beating us to death and even Mayor Fandakova and Boyko Borisov.

In all of this racket we had to pick the people River will be the happiest with, making sure we have picked out the most suitable family for him. We think we have succeeded. Congratulations to Donka Edreva and Denislav Georgiev! River will be sharing their warm, active, fun and lively home, surrounded by love and care.

River also has a little friend – young Evelina (3 years old) who already claims River is her best friend. The two of them will be going on long walks together, run, play, and most of all – grow greatly loved and appreciated by the parents. We wish them health and happiness!

We need to make an explanation that we hate to have to make: we do not sell dogs. Nor do we give them to people for donations. And we find it disgusting that some people are ready to donate for the shelter only to get the pedigree puppy and would never donate for the mongrel dogs that we have.

18 October 2012 | Blog

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