Hey there. My name is River. That’s a beautiful name, right? Just like myself – outstanding, lovely and wild like every river. I’m still a baby – only 5,5 months old but I’m already neutered and vaccinated as every gentleman should be.

I had an owner – a young girl. But she started a job and couldn’t take care of me anymore. Her parents didn’t have time too so they just left me at the shelter. But I won’t discourage because of that. They just don’t know what kind of treasure they lost. I’m very cheerful and radiant by nature. And besides of that I’m very playful, full of energy and curious. And obviously very chatty 😉 Just like every puppy I find everything for very interesting, new and exciting. Love playing which I already mentioned and I would be very happy to have a real family who will love me and always will have time for me. All I want, all I need is love.

So I’m waiting for you in Bogrov! I promise to be the most wonderful dog if you let me in your hearts and home.

That’s all from me,


09 October 2012 | Adopted

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