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Dear friends, after so many of you reached out to help Pooh – the badly injured cat, we hve 138BGN left from your donations. Since Pooh will not be needing them, do you mind if we use them to cover a part of the bill that this sweet dog has for his surgery:

His name is Katericata (Squirrel), because he sits on his but and waves his poor broken hands in the air like a squirrel. He was brought to us by the municipal catchers of Ecobalance, so we don’t really know his story. But judging by his fractures he must have been sleeping somewhere under a car and probably got ran over through his front legs by a tyre.

The dog was agonizing when they brought him this Saturday, so we had to take an immedeate decision and we operated him despite the solid debt we have at the Central Veterinary¬† Clinic. We have huge discounts there, but still – it was orthopedic surgery on both legs, it cost us nearly 400BGN. Or shall we say it cost the clinic, because we still owe it…

We would like to use the 138BGN we have from your Pooh donations to cover a part of the bill for Katericata if you don’t mind. Please, contact us if you have donated for Pooh on the 27-th and want your donation back.

Kindest regards from a sweet squirrel. Don’t mind his sad look, his doctor said he should be running like the wind in only 2 months time.

PS In the miraculous case that anyone should want to donate something for Katericata – you can do so HERE. He still needs 252BGN. We are greatly obliged!

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