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31 March 2013 | Adopted

Fashion in dogs is something terrible: We have seen this happen before – with German shepherds, then with Dobermans and Rottweilers, then with Cockers, then Dalmatians…

It always happens the same way. A breed becomes very popular, petshops and puppymills begin overproducing, people buy and buy dogs without knowing the responsibilities and a few years later – many dogs of this breed are being dumped on the street.  Goldens and labradors are next. But now – it is huskies.

We are sad to introduce you to the northern team of the Bogrov shelter:

Kristo is very sweet, lively, fun and kind. He is about 3 years old. He’s been with us for quite a while, we rehomed him once, but he had to come back to us. It’s very sad to see such a people-loving dog lonely and caged. Hope he finds his real people soon.

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We also have your friend Rex – whose life you saved on two occasions. After long months of recovery and two heavy surgeries, Rex is finally healthy and ready to go in his own home. His only issue is that from time to time he cries while he has a bowel movement but it is more of a affectation and will soon go out. Otherwise Rex is a lover boy and a typical north dog. Read all about him HERE.

We also have quite a few husky-mixes at the shelter – blue-eyed, energetic animals with a free spirit, locked away until god knows when…

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Dear friends, the Bogrov shelter is funded through donations only. To be able to shelter, feed and care for the dogs – we need your support. To help us help them – please, BECOME A DONOR for Animal Rescue Sofia.

31 March 2013 | Adopted

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