My name is Nana. I am 8 months old and I am looking for my best friend and companion.

Everyone says that my mom was a german shepherd. Me and my two sisters were unwanted babies. That’s why, when we were only 20 days old, they dumped us in one of Sofia’s parks. We were too little, still blind, crawling back and forth and crying for our mother. It was a cold and rainy November morning and we were so terrified. This morning we also met our new friends, who found us and took us to a house where they gave us shelter, food and warm care. Here we are with my sisters, shortly after we were found and saved:

Time was passing and I was growing up more and more. My friends started to say that from the “little ugly duckling” they had found, I have turned into an affectionate and beautiful young lady.

Nana, 50 days old; Nana, 5 months old

Soon, my two sisters found their new homes where they recieve warm care and love by their new humans. But I had no such a luck. I also was taken by a young woman. She managed to deceive my friends with the promises that I shall recieve love and good care. Unfortunately it soon became clear that my “new owner” had taken me only because she wanted a pure German Shepherd. As you can see I quite look live a German Shepherd, but I’m not pure for sure.

I was a happy, healthy and plump puppy when my new owner took me, but after two months she said she does not want me anymore. My friends came and took me back. They found that during these two months I have been underfed and probably mistreated.

Nana, 6 months old; Nana, 7 months old

I now live with my friends again. They accepted me back while I recover and find a new home. I’m quickly recovering, gaining mass, playing free all day and receiving care and love again.

Despite all that happened to me, my heart remains open. I know how to love people and other animals also. My friends say that I am sweet, affectionate, smart and obedient.

But I dream of having my own home for ever and my own humans who will love me and take care for me.

My friends tell me that this will happen for sure and I really hope it will be soon… because I have heard that everyone in this world has the right to have his best friend…

    Love, Nana

15 July 2012 | Adopted

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