Do you remember the four dumped babies we told you about two months ago? The ones that needed an urgent foster home?

Let us give way to the lady who fostered them – Anelia. She will introduce them and you can enjoy the way the little ugly ducklings turned into lovely young puppies:

1. The puppies on their first evening at home. They are lying on a hot-water bottle;
2. This is how small they were in comparison to their little food-bowls.

“When they arrived at our place, the puppies’ typical baby activities were: eating, sleeping and some other things we will not mention. Of course, some medical issues are always a must, but with a lot of love and their own desire to survive, the babies healed quickly. Here they come!

Ladies first, here is Dora, who is not yet sure if she is not a squirrel. She is the one who initiates all the mischief at home – a cuddly, curious and silky little lady:

-the calm, quiet, patient Karaman, a dog to die for:

-our other quiet and calm foxy-nose fluffy guy – Boil:

-and the lovely and wonderful Boril:

They are already all over the house, playing all the time, spreading their good mood around. After getting to know every single object they could reach at level 0, they have begun looking for fun stuff at level 1 and 2. The hose plants no longer have any secrets from the pups… Next challenge – the outside world! The kids, the dogs, the balls, the grass, the dirt… all those wonderful new things to explore!

People usually talk about “foster mothers”. In our case we must also note the huge role of the “foster father” who has been available for the pups 24/7! “Daddy” Volodya cooks healthy meals for the pups, keeps them fed, cleaned and away from trouble with the bigger dogs at the household.

We hope we’ve made you smile with the photos of the “puppy transformation”. They have sprung up like mushrooms! We are glad to be able to share the joy of fostering a dumped puppy.”

Animal Rescue Sofia is deeply grateful to the wonderful foster parents that save so many lives together with us!

08 July 2012 | Blog

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