Ray went home!

03 July 2012 | Blog

Abandoned on the street and with a broken leg – only a month ago, Ray’s life was going down the drain in an amazing whirpool. Then, his destiny put him on the path of two kind feries. Girls that couldn’t pass leave him outside lonely and hirt. They got him to the shelter, but we couldn’t take him. With no vaccinations and an injury, Ray was destined to find his illness of preference way too quickly at the huge shelter.

So, his fairy stepmoms took him back to their place for vaccines and recovery. The “good” thing about having a fracture at this age is that if heals much quicker. If the damage doesn’t call for an operation then usually a splint is enough. This is exactly what happened to Ray. After he was vaccinated, he came to live in the Puppygarten. Having in mind Ray’s ordinary appearance, we thought his life will unfold in the ordinary way. We call his color “color homeless”, because people rarely want dogs like him. What usually happens is that dogs like Ray would slowly grow up in the shelter until we find a way to have them rehomed somewhere abroad.

Ray and Veselin

As you have already understood – Ray is no ordinary dog, so things don’t go the ordinary way with him. Ray is already at home, with the most loving new owner – Veselin Lakov! Ray’s Game Of Happiness was nicely played and Veseling took him through the finish-line in the most wonderful manner! We wish them great happiness together!

03 July 2012 | Blog

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