2. Greetings from Riccardo
1. Dear friends, the funds for Riccardo have been raised!
THANK YOU for helping, thank you for caring! He promises to use this chance to the maximum!

Riccardo is an iron dog, but his strength doesn’t go that far. No matter how much force he has, how brave he is and how much he can bear – he failed the “tram test” that his evil destiny put him through. It is now proven – Riccardo is weaker than a tram and nothing can be done about it.

It took the people near Riccardo 3 days to come to this conclusion after he collided with the 20-tonne tram wagon. Three long days in which Riccardo tried to fool them and himself that a tram collision is small business and he will jump up back on his legs any minute, waving his tail overjoyed with life as usual. As ever, as before.

But nothing will ever be the same for Riccardo. In the three days he spent in agony, swallowed by pain and infection, Riccardo lost his right front leg. These three days were the last days of the mushy goo his strong brisk paw had become. Necrotized and infected Riccardo’s right paw is beyond salvaging and nothing can be done about it.

Despite the odds given for his leg – Riccardo himself is fully salvageable. The distance between all this pain and a new life for Riccardo is 250BGN (130E). 250BGN that we do not have. 250 leva that he has to ask from you.

Riccardo doesn’t need a muzzle – despite the pain he accepts every touch with gratitude

Would you give a good boy a new life, even though he’s not as strong as a tram? To help him DONATE A SMALL SUM for his amputation and treatment. Riccardo is strong and brave, he will fight and learn how to be happy on three legs. Give him a chance – he deserves it.

25 June 2012 | Blog

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