You have raised all the money necessary for Peter’s treatment! He never dreamed he had so many friends!

Peter comes from Gotze Delchev. He has lived there for three years – yet another guard of another closed-down warehouse. In the beginning he was looked after normally, but then the human guards decided to put him on a short chain and leave him to starve and freeze on his own account. When he began to look like a Holocaust victim and eat his own fasces – a neighbor threatened the guards he will take the law in his own hands if they don’t improve his living conditions. After the scandal the annoyed, but quite intimidated warehouse guards let him off the leash and kicked him out. Still, he continued to roam there – after all, he only had one home…

The dog situation in Gotze Delchev is under control. The many kind and responsible people in the area have made sure all the animals are neutered, vaccinated and dewormed. Including Peter. Although he is a large dog, he is quite calm, lives in a calm group of dogs and has many human friends.

Still – he must have been a nuisance to someone. He was such a huge problem that this person thought of and executed a cruel plan to destroy Peter. The kind people who take care of Peter don’t think the perpetrator was anyone in the neighborhood – they are lucky not to have gunmen shooting dogs from their balconies, throwing poison around or anything of the sort as it happens in many other areas. They are quite certain that it was the warehouse guards who have harmed Peter as a “punishment” for the troubles he caused him and to finally get rid of his everlasting presence at the empty warehouse. They will not leave this matter unattended.

And what about Peter?
If you have never been burnt with an acid, you probably can’t imagine how bad it feels. The stinging and pain as the acid eats through your flesh, impossible to remove, going deeper and deeper into the soft body tissue. Acid wounds are usually large in size and quick to infect – they quickly become a scary puss mess. And that is exactly what happened to Peter.

Peter needs 240BGN (110E) for his treatment.
We understand. We understand that no one has any money at the moment. That we already asked for (Isedora) Duncan. That he is not a cute puppy to easily touch the hearts of people… We do understand. But we have to try. And if you can – please, pitch in with some help: DONATE FOR PETER.

02 June 2012 | Blog

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