The lovely boy Murphy was adopted by Elizabeth Stoyanova.

We are very glad to recieve and share with you the lovely letter from his new adoptive parents:

Hi there! Just three days ago we adopted the small dog-coyote Murphy  =) I thought it’s a good idea to tell what has been going on with us. First, I thought that we should give him a little time, so we can have more and better news to tell, but this thought failed, because he behaves as he has lived here with us forever.

When people adopt a doggie from a shelter, they usually say that it has chosen them. The truth is, that with us it was the other way around – we chose him, and there was no other way – 500 dogs and the biggest “muff” between them was noticeable from the entrance. =) In between all muzzles, paws lifted on the fences, jumping and lively howl, small Murphy was in the water container, moving his big ears and looking around, while the whole happy lively crowd was stepping on him, all jumping. He was just turning ears and eyes, wondering.

I am now thinking that back then he was just wondering whether there is any point of this whole uproar. All big dogs already know humans, and have understood that to come and take you home is wonderful. But they haven’t shared that with him, so he was skeptical. =)

The car had him as soon as we left. He showed his nose through thewindow and saw it was good. Then he showed the ears. =) I this that was the beginning of all. Then he accepted with the same enthusiasm the cats at home, the sleeping crate, the couch, the walks in the high grass, the good walking on a leash, the treats after that, the neighboring children, the dogs we met. And he proudly lifted a waving tail.

I can’t say how long, but the champion-dog learns, gets used to the world and fluffies per hour. As with us, I think this is the first love, escalating with such pace that we have met. If someone’s heart does not explode from so much love, then we would be fine in the long-term. =)

I hope I haven’t bored you, because I wrote so much, but there was no other way. These are all words of appreciation, actually. I would like to thank you for everything – for the help, for the warm welcome, for our hero doggie, for all your amazing dogs, for everything that you do.

My very best wishes and greetings from us!

16 May 2012 | Blog

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