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05 April 2012 | Blog


April 13
Bruce is back at the shelter

April 06
The operations are finished Bruce is OK.
His wripped ear and mouth are stiched-up. His broken jaw is fixated. His left leg unfortunately could not be saved, but a part will be left so that he can be fir with a comfortable prosthetic. The torn tendons and the luxation are fixed.
Our thanks again to all the donors who saved his life!
And also to d-r Zlatinov for the proffecionalism and efforts!

April 05; 23:20
Dear friends, all the funds needed for Bruce’s surgery have been raised! THANK YOU!!!

April 05; 17:00
Dear friends,
the money for Bruce’s operation have nearly been raised – only 40E to go!
He will be operated in the next half hour. Depending on his condition under the anaesthetic, he will go through one or two operations. The other will be done in the days to come depending on his condition.
Thank you for saving him!!!

Just another day. Just another case. The municipal car arrives at the shelter and drops off an ill-favored black dog that looks like it was ran over by a truck. Actually – that is exactly what happened to him. Someone saw it happen and called Ecobalance – to pick up the corpse. To everyone’s surprise – it was still alive. Nothing special – this sort of things happen all the time. So many dogs have passed through Animal Rescue Sofia like this, we haven’t told you about most of them anyway.

But why is this case so different? Because Bruce is different. He is a fighter. Despite the extremely heavy fractures, the fact that last night the doctors thought he will not survive, he clinked to life! He remained conscious the whole time. He waved his tail when he was x-rayed. The doctors were so surprised that he is so adequate and himself. D-r Zlatinov said “I don’t understand this, why is he so conscious, he should be dying this very moment?” So with his advice, we decided not to put him to sleep last night, but to wait one more day.

Unconcerned with our drama, Bruce had made up his mind for living. He chose to look at us with his warm brown eyes until there were tears in ours. He chose to lick our hands and beg for a chance. He chose to make us forget the three operations he will need and all the money we don’t have to pay them. All Bruce asked for is for a second chance. He didn’t want to live this world without having lived a true dog’s life, without being loved.

We are ashamed to have to ask for such a big sum only for one animal. More so – an animal who may not make it. Nevertheless – we will ask. We will ask you because of his wagging tail, because of the plead in his eyes. And mostly because we don’t want this good heart to stop beating only because we are not brave enough to take a risk with him.

Bruce has a badly broken left leg, his bones and nerves hanging. The right leg is dislocated. His jaw is literally split in two. If it was only one of the three things – it would have been simple. But now? All these surgeries will cost 800 BGN (400E). We don’t have this amount of money. Will you help us? Will you give Bruce a small sum for the life he wants to live?

To give Bruce a chance to be operated and live – DONATE for him by E-pay, PayPal or bank.

Warning – GRAPHIC images

05 April 2012 | Blog

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