This is Teddy, or Terick as many call him. A sweet boy whom you’ve never heard of, unless you’ve come to walk dogs at the shelter. But the Senior volunteers know him very well, because it has now been more than a year and a half that he greets everyone with a wagging tail and sticks his paw for a greeting between the cage bars.

But we would love it if you remember him the way he is in these photos – melting in happiness with his owner  Tania Dimitrova! A bit shy, but absolutely excited for his new life outside the shelter – the way we never saw him, little bit afraid, but very careful and eager to shine next to his new best friend. You would know if you ever walked him – this guy is a real ball of energy!

Oh, we can’t even imagine what an adventure is now ahead of Terick and Tania! SO much to learn, so much to be happy about! Terick, dearest, we knew this moment would come for you some day, we knew luck hasn’t left you, but was just looking for the best person for you.

11 March 2012 | Blog

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